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Monday, March 14, 2016



Give someone the benefit of doubt
To give someone the benefit of doubt is to believe something good about them, rather than something bad when you have the possibility of doing either.
  • I really feel that we should give him the benefit of doubt.
Give someone the creeps
If something gives you the creeps, it induces the feeling of fear or revulsion in you.
  • The eels gave me the creeps.
Give someone the cold shoulder
To give someone the cold shoulder is to treat them in an unfriendly way.
  • Susie was upset with Michael and gave him the cold shoulder when she met him at the party.
Give the game away
To give the game away is to spoil the surprise or joke.
  • I wanted to give my parents a special gift on their wedding anniversary, but my sister unwittingly gave the game away.
Give someone the green light
To give someone the green light is to give them the permission to do something.
  • My parents have given me the green light to join the local soccer team.
Give someone the evil eye
To give someone the evil eye is to look at them in an angry or unpleasant way.
  • My sister gave me the evil eye when I told our parents that she had let the cat in.

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