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Sunday, March 20, 2016



The common subordinating conjunctions are when, while, where, though, although, till, until, before, after, if, unless, as, since, because and that.
When it started raining they took shelter under a tree.
I was working while you were playing.
Put it where you can find it later.
Though he is rich, he is not arrogant.
Although I had invited him, he didn’t turn up.
Will you wait here till I return?
I waited until 10 o’clock and then I went home.
He always feeds the dogs before he goes to work.
He went to the US after he finished his studies.
If it rains, the match will be cancelled.
Unless you achieve your targets, you will not be promoted.
As he was not there, I couldn’t meet him.
Since he has apologized, we will not take any further actions against him.
My parents were happy because I had won the first prize.
I am glad that you have passed the test.

There are different kinds of subordinating conjunctions. They are:
Subordinating conjunction of time: when, while, before, after, till, since
Subordinating conjunction of place: where, wherever
Subordinating conjunction of cause or reason: because, since, as
Subordinating conjunction of condition: if, unless
Subordinating conjunction of concession: though, although
Subordinating conjunction of result or consequence: so…that, that
Subordinating conjunction of purpose: that, lest
Subordinating conjunction of comparison: than