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Friday, March 18, 2016



1. He was a man of great wealth.
2. The principal was an old man of friendly disposition.
3. The workers belonged to a tribe dwelling in the hills.
4. There I met a boy with red hair.
5. Only a man with plenty of money can buy a car of such beauty and power.
6. He was a young man of great promise.
7. He wore a turban made of gold.
8. He ran with great speed.
9. You can buy it in all places.
10. He replied in a very rude manner.
11. How does he live without any worries?
1. He was a man of great wealth. (adjective phrase)
2. The principal was an old man of friendly disposition. (adjective phrase)
3. The workers belonged to a tribe dwelling in the hills. (adjective phrase)
4. There I met a boy with red hair. (adjective phrase)
5. Only a man with plenty of money can buy a car of such beauty and power. (adjective phrases)
6. He was a young man of great promise. (adjective phrase)
7. He wore a turban made of gold. (adjective phrase)
8. He ran with great speed. (adverb phrase)
9. You can buy it in all places. (adverb phrase)
10. He replied in a very rude manner. (adverb phrase)
11. How does he live without any worries? (adverb phrase)

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