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Monday, November 9, 2015


 A conjunction is a word or words used to connect sentence parts.

Coordinating Conjunction.
Three conjunctions used to connect related sentences, words, or phrases are and, but, and or. They are called coordinating conjunctions.

Correlative Conjunctions. 
A few conjunctions are used in pairs: not only . . . but (also); either . . . or; neither.....nor; both . . . and; whether . . . or. These conjunctions are called correlative conjunctions.

Subordinating Conjunctions. 
Words used to introduce adverb clauses are called subordinating conjunctions. These words not only introduce the subordinating clause but link it to the main clause. Their chief function is to make clear exactly what is the relation between the two clauses. The most common subordinating conjunctions are these:
 after     as though      provided     even though    whenever    although    because     since       unless where       as         before      so that       until       while       as if       if        though       when

Identifying Conjunctions.

Underline the conjunctions in the following sentences.

1. I've studied both French and Spanish in school.
2. Sally will be late for the party because she must work until nine.
3. Jim is not only class president, but he is also captain of the football team.
4. It has turned cool, although it's still very sunny.
5. Please tell me if you will be late for dinner.
 6. Either Laura or Sue will have the lead in the play.
7. We played tennis until it was too dark to see the ball.
8. Since Mr. Hays has just moved into the state, he can't vote in the election today.
9. Neither radio nor television offered any good programs last night.
10. After we went to the movie, we stopped for some pizza.
11. Please help us whenever you have the time.
12. I like to play bridge, but I can't keep score.
13. Helen looks as if she's seen a ghost.
14. Dan likes to play tennis and golf.
15. Though he didn't learn to play golf until he was forty, he became a good player.
16. While the teacher passed out the exam questions, Martha gazed out the window.
17. Let us know where you spend the first night of your vacation.
18. Mr. Clark walks as though he is exhausted.
19. Unless they put that coat on sale, I can't afford to buy it.
20. Let's start early in the day before it gets too hot.

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