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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


As with other homonyms, the terms citesite, and sight have identical pronounciations but have distinct meanings and uses. This post will help you clarify the differences of these words so you could easily determine when to use one over the other.
The term cite is used as a verb meaning “to quote or refer to something, to summon to bring in front of a court, or to issue a notice of violation.”
“Police Cite Self-Defense as Sergeant Fatally Shoots Bronx Woman, 66”
New York Times
“States Dispute ‘Rigged Election’ Claims, Cite Focus on Security”
“Pentagon investigators cite Ash Carter’s former military aide for nightclub visits, ‘improper’ interactions with women”
Washington Post
Meanwhile, the term site is generally used as a noun denoting “an area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed or a website.”
“‘Trump Place’ polling site irks New York City voters”
The Guardian
“Amazon drones are reportedly being tested at multiple UK sites”
Business Insider
“9 Helpful Sites For Finding Your Next Job In Tech”
Site may also be used as a verb which means “to fix or build something in a particular place.”
“Seeking Informed Consent on Siting Nuclear Waste”
Energy Collective
“Wyckoff officials revisit siting of traffic light at Sicomac and Cedar Hill”
On the other hand, the term sight is often used as a noun referring to “the faculty or power of seeing” or “a thing that one sees or that can be seen.”
“No End in Sight to Strike by Harvard’s Cafeteria Workers Over Wages”
New York Times
“Hiding in plain sight: The adult literacy crisis”
Washington Post
“World Sight Day: Over 200 screened for eye problems”
The New Times
However, sight may also be utilized as a verb  which means “to manage to see or observe someone or something” or “catch an initial glimpse of.”
“Black-capped kingfisher sighted at Keoladeo park in Jaipur”
Times of India
“Crocodile sighted in Palani river”
Business Standard
“Police seal off city centre as ‘armed’ man sighted in Chichester”
Chichester Observer

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