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Saturday, October 22, 2016



1. He has bought a fiat car.
2. I put down the pen.
3. I saw a hut at a distance.
4. All of them welcomed the suggestion enthusiastically.
5. Most of my friends have watched this movie.
6. The teacher appreciated the boy’s work.
7. Somebody has stolen the bicycle.
8. The police finally caught the notorious thief.
9. The head of the organization will run the project.
10. Firemen miraculously saved the people living on the second and third floors.
11. I am drafting a document now.
12. She will have sent the report.
1. A fiat car was bought by him.
2. The pen was put down by me.
3. A hut was seen (by me) at a distance.
4. The suggestion was enthusiastically welcomed by them all.
5. This movie has been watched by most of my friends.
6. The boy’s work was appreciated by the teacher.
7. The bicycle has been stolen.
8. The notorious thief was finally caught by the police.
9. The project will be run by the head of the organization.
10. The people living on the second and third floors were miraculously rescued by the firemen.
11. A document is being drafted by me.
12. The report will have been sent by her.

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