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Saturday, August 27, 2016


The words assureensure, and insure are among the common terms that are often misused and interchanged. This may be attributed to how all three words can be associated with the sureness of an outcome.
However, you can easily avoid confusion by remembering their distinct uses.
Assure is a verb which means “to tell someone something positively or confidently to dispel any doubts they may have” or “to make something certain to happen”.
“Assure Better Sleep During Holiday And Business Trips With This New Scientific Discovery”
Huffington Post
“Melania Trump wants to assure you there is nothing mysterious about her disappearing website”
The Washington Post
“U.S. officials assure Turkey of America’s support for democratically elected governments”
Los Angeles Times
Meanwhile, ensure is a verb which denotes “to make certain that something shall occur or be the case” or “to make sure that a problem shall not occur”.
“Independent Candidate Evan McMullin Could Help Ensure Clinton Victory”
Huffington Post
“Sadiq Khan calls for Brexit delay to ensure UK retains single market access”
The Independent
“How Precise Timekeeping at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Ensures the Right Gold-Medal Winners”
Lastly, insure is a verb which means “to secure or protect someone against a possible contingency” or “arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss of property, or injury to or the death of someone, in exchange for regular advance payments to a company or government agency”.
“Someday Soon, You’ll Be Able to Insure Your Drone Racing League”
“In turnaround, FHA will insure mortgages with PACE assessments”
“Collapsed holiday company failed to insure against Brexit fallout”
The Times
As long as you remember their different uses, I assure you that you can always ensure that you are using these words properly and in turn, insure yourself from possible moments of embarassment.
Now, let’s see if you can complete these sentences using assure,ensure, or insure:
1.    John has been working out for the past three months to ___ that he is ready for the marathon.
2.    I ____ you that the police will protect us from those criminals.
3.    We are obligated to ____ our house from fire and other natural disasters.

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