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Saturday, April 23, 2016



Here are some common idioms in English.
Rise to the occasion
When you rise to the occasion, you are able to cope with the circumstances.
See eye to eye
When you do not see eye to eye with someone, you do not agree with them.
Fair and square
If a deal is fair and square, it is just and honest.
Flog a dead horse
To flog a dead horse is to waste your time and energy on a cause that will not yield any results.
Face the music
To face the music is to face criticism.
Fan the flame
To fan the flame is to make a bad situation worse.
Feather one’s own nest
To feather your own nest is to make yourself rich in ways that are unfair or dishonest.
From hand to mouth
To live from hand to mouth is to live on very little money.
For good
If someone leaves a country for good, they leave for ever.
To fish in troubled waters
To fish in troubled waters is to take undue advantage of others’ problems.
The gift of gab
The gift of gab is the power of speech
Grope in the dark
To grope in the dark is to search in vain.
Grease the palm
To grease the palm is to give someone money to persuade them to do something for you.
Gird up one’s loins
To gird up one’s loins is to prepare oneself for difficult or dangerous actions.

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