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Sunday, November 22, 2015


Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.
The Fog
I saw the fog grow thick
   Which soon made blind my ken;
It made tall men of boys,
   And giants of tall men.

It clutched my throat, I coughed;
   Nothing was in my head
Except two heavy eyes
   Like balls of burning lead.

And when it grew so black
   That I could know no place
I lost all judgment then,
   Of distance or of space.

The street lamps, and the lights
   Upon the halted cars,
Could either be on earth
   Or be the heavenly stars.

A man passed by me close,
   I asked my way, he said,
"Come, follow me, my friend " -
   I followed where he led.

He rapped the stones in front,
   "Trust me," he said, " and come";
I followed like a child -
   a blind man led me home.
W. H. Davis

'It clutched my throat, I coughed' tells us that

the poet was suffocating because of the fog

the fog and the poet were fighting fiercely

the fog held the poet by the throat

the poet had a sore throat

The following statements are true except

the fog grew so thick that the poet could not get his directions right

a blind man who was also lost came to help the poet

the fog caused the poet to see things differently

the fog hut the poet's eyes

The word halted shows that the cars were probably





' ... the stones in front' in the last stanza refers to

the stones the blind man carried in a pouch in front of him

the stones that were lying by the side of the road

the road they were on

loose gravel

The blind man could lead the poet through the fog because he

was wearing a pair of sunglasses

had been to the poet's house

had a stick with him

knew his way

The last stanza of the poem tells us that

the blind man was boastful

the poet trusted the blind man

the poet could not return home

the fog had hurt the feelings of the poet

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