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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Correct the following sentences

Correct the following sentences

1. I have seen him yesterday.
2. We had gone to the movies last night.
3. I had spoken to them about my holiday.
4. You must attend your teacher’s instructions.
5. The hen has lain six eggs.
6. I have seen him a moment ago.
7. They discussed about the whole matter.
8. We are playing tennis every day.
9. He is sleeping for two hours.
10. Neither of the boys have returned.
1. I saw him yesterday. (We do not use the present perfect tense with past time expressions.)
2. We went to the movies last night.
3. I spoke to them about my holiday. (The past perfect tense is not used to say that something happened in the past. It is used to indicate the earlier of the two past actions.)
4. You must listen to your teacher’s instructions.
5. The hen has laid six eggs.
6. I saw him a moment ago.
7. They discussed the whole matter. (The verb discuss does not take a preposition.)
8. We play tennis every day. (We use the simple present tense to talk about our habits and general facts.)
9. He has been sleeping for two hours. (We use the present perfect continuous tense to show duration.)
10. Neither of the boys has returned. (After ‘either’ and ‘neither’ we use a singular verb.)

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